Enterprise Asset Management

EAM / ITIL Assessments

We provide EAM and ITIL assessments through expert review, detailed analysis and workflow documentation of business processes, existing configurations & system customization if it exists. We also offer expert advisory services on how to improve, implement and earn best value out of your current or future EAM implementations.

Maximo Consulting Services

Our Maximo consulting services includes Maximo resources who have all-round industry knowledge & hands on expertise to coordinate work with business users, end users, IT staff & project management office as they all have at-least 8+ years of experience and have worked at customer Plants / sites and IT Offices.

Maximo System Performance

We help customers facing performance issues with their Maximo implementation at various levels. e.g. Slow running SQL Queries, Start centers, KPIs, Reports, Escalations, Crons etc. We offer tips and techniques on how to leverage Maximo's industry best practices as per IBM recommendation and lessons learnt from previous engagements.

Maximo Integrations

We have used all possible ways of integrating Maximo with external systems, IoT end points and hardware using Maximo Integration Framework, File imports, Web Services, Application Uploads, Mobile updates. Examples: PeopleSoft, Ariba, LDAP, IBM Control Desk, TADDM, BigFix, PLC Systems, Transportation Telematics, Mainframe

Automation Scripting

Automation scripts can allow you to have outage free deployments and low to no maintenance for advance level of validations or setting up complex custom business workflow processes. AssetOne can help in writing all levels of Automation Scripts for UI Validations, Custom Business Logic & eliminating the dependency on Custom Java Classes.

Automated Testing

For fairly mature Maximo implementations, testing of high priority workflow process during major releases, upgrades or even during ongoing maintenance cycles becomes very time consuming and tedious. Speak to us on guidance of how to implement web based, business user friendly and cost effective Maximo automation testing.